Sunday, August 21, 2011

Owl Changing Pad

Right now we're living in an apartment so the kids have to share a room. At first, I wanted to do blue, pink, and green and then found this owl fabric that I loved. I decided that Little Sis will be sleeping in our room the first couple of months and hopefully we'll be moved out by then, so I would just do the theme for JJ. However, I still had to have all the important baby gear in there, so it's all done in his theme. :)

I've had visions of the perfect changing pad dancing in my head for months and almost bought one. Then I thought, why would I buy one when I could sew one?! I set out to find a tutorial and found this one from Star over at A Load of Craft. It explains it perfectly, so I'm not going to. I'll just show ya a couple pics of my process and any notes I can think of that might help.

 I decided to make my pad with minky down the middle and my owl fabric on the outsides so I had to do some piecing. I measured the width I wanted the minky which was 11 inches and then cut the owl fabric 11 inches wide, haha. Because of this, I just cut another owl piece 11 inches and then the minky 11 inches and pieced them all together. After it was all sewn, then I trimmed it down to what I needed.

This is the whole piece draped over the changing pad to make sure my minky lined up correctly.

I followed Star's instructions about tracing the pad and making a pattern.

Ok... it's not perfect. :) My fabric bunched around the corners and nothing I did fixed it. It was my first try, and I'm ok with the imperfection. If someone comes over and notices the corners of my changing pad aren't right, they will be invited to re-sew them for me. Haha!

When Star is explaining the corners and she says to pull the corner and get the bulk and then sew a triangle, I noticed alot of people were confused by this. At first, I was too, but once I figured it out, it was really easy. So I wanted to make sure and post this next picture because I think it shows what she means a little more clearly. At least it shows where the triangle is supposed to be sewn better. This is what makes the fabric wrap itself around the bottom corners of the pad.

And this is my finished product!

Hopefully between my tips and Star's wonderful tutorial, you can make your own!

Soon I'll show you more of the room. Like I said, we hope to be moving soon so I don't know how "put together" it will be, but I'm trying. Also, my crazy wonderful husband decided Little Man needed a tractor bed for the room. Nevermind the fact that a tractor doesn't match my owl theme at all... At least I talked him into painting it blue! I'll post that soon.

- Sarah

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