Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fake Roman Shades

Hey, Candis here! Slowly but surely our bathroom has been coming together, all we have left are some cabinet doors but hubby just hasn't found the time for those yet.

A few weeks back I was trying to decide what to do for a window treatment when I came across a girl who had turned her mini blinds into roman shades. So I decided well I can do that! I can't remember exactly which blog I found it on, but I found this one through Google and her tutorial is more detail oriented if you have further questions.

Well the mini blinds in my bathroom were grrooosss, they were in the house when we bought it and had collected dust fooreevver. So first I laid them out on my bathroom floor. Making sure to let them all the way out.

Then I popped the little hole covers off of the bottom, pulled the cord out and snipped the knot off of the end. Next I slipped all but 6 of the slats off. My window is 52" tall and I wanted a little extra so I placed my slats 8" apart. I had this green curtain hanging in there already so I just cut it to fit. Next I hot glued (yes, she said not to use hot glue, but what's the world without hot glue?) my slats down. Be careful when gluing your slats not to glue the lift cord and at the top make sure that you can still slip your blinds back in their brackets.

Here they are! I have to say I'm pretty satisfied with them! Now I have to take the brackets from the old cheap curtain rod down and finish up that bathroom! (P.S. Yes that is a trailer full of sand and bails of hay in my backyard, I live in the middle of podunkville people!)

Hope you have a good day!

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